Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank you unwitting guru

I love all of you. We are all profoundly inspiring each other without realizing it. Those who do realize it often take it upon themselves to become the guru of others, and for that we should all thank them.

For those of us who are imploding upon our selves, please remember that the people in your life are pillars, and often enjoy playing that role more than you are aware.

World spins without us and we choose
To see that we are not important enough
Or too important to be effective
On daily movement, planet life continues.

Vagabond dreamers hold truths precious
To hearts soldered shut by days passed
Lovers gone and love whisked away.

Now softly cloaking our eyes
With veils of egos, boost our smiles
Quickly, now let no man peek
Inside a haunted dream.

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