Friday, February 20, 2009

Pick up where you left off.
Don't let a second pass without
Telling the world what is wrong
And why, and who did it.

Raise the alarm wake the guards
They've missed the coming of
The enemy to our gates as he
Breaks them down and threatens to
Build them newer, better, stronger, fiercer.

Set your arrows upon the man who
Tells you you are wrong and all that's true
Is false and your fear is false just like
Your pride and sorrow and the
Only truth is in your love,
Which you've locked away and lost.

Set the dogs upon the scent
Of love long lost, it hides
Somewhere deeper than we know
But we will look and
They will bark even if it's dead
It must be somewhere and they will smell it.

Just like the scent of fear, so palpable is the
Aroma of love even smothered
We will look and they will bark
It must be somewhere, we will find it.

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