Sunday, February 8, 2009

Radiolab. Check it out.

I went back home this weekend. Each time I go it messes with my head a little bit less, but messabout it still does. It's painful. But I think it teaches me some very valuable lessons. Lessons which I hope I can understand at some point down the road.

I feel myself re-emerging these days. And then I disappear again for a few weeks, and painfully come out for a few hours, then scurry back into whatever secret hiding spot I have found, the location of which I have (purposely, I'm sure) neglected to reveal to anyone, including myself. I have decided that we are all multiple entities, and it is only when those entities are all honest with each other that one is truly peaceful.

I am frustrated that my heartbeat
Is not in rhythm with this song.

Can a true sage,
A master, really learn to control his heartbeat?

To make the interior and exterior a unified rhythm.

I wish I could sing it to you,
Perhaps then we could understand.

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