Monday, December 14, 2009

I packed my bags,
And left that place.
Promised I was never turnin' round,

But then I met my match-
She had my face.
I turned right on back, came home without a sound.

I said, Mama, what should I see?
She said, Darlin' take some time to see alone.
I said, Daddy, who should I be?
He said, Be the one who bravely marches on.

Someday, I'll see my path.
I know it will be bright and lined with stars.
But right now, that's too much to ask.
I just want to sit alone to heal my scars.

Battles, they're lost and won.
In the end it never really matters who.
But this time, when yours has begun,
Just remember that the lovers always lose.

Out of the desert,
Into the plains.
Up to the city,
And startin' all again.