Saturday, November 8, 2008

A tree alone in the forest

So, someone who I have a lot of respect for once posed the question (approximately), if a tree is in the forest and it tries really really hard, but there is no one around to notice, does it really matter how hard the tree tries?

Sometimes I say yes, sometimes no. I guess it all depends on the weather that day. But I find myself believing that even though, at the moment the tree is trying really hard, there may not be anyone there to notice, there are two things that should inspire the tree to keep trying. 1) If it doesn't try, then it has to live knowing that it didn't try. 2) There is someone around, at some point in time. Now, whether that someone is actually an entity outside of the tree, I don't know, nor do I think it is of that much importance.

Perspective is a powerful influence. If I believe that what I do matters, then it matters. If I choose to believe that what I do isn't important, then it isn't important. The hardest part is to ignore the people who tell you that your art is a fool's task. Their eyes are not my eyes, their ears are not my ears. What they believe is of no importance to me. And I cannot believe I am doing this, but it reminds me of one of the only moments in which I agreed with RJ, when he preached the conviction that "what you think of me is no concern of mine."


  1. i generally thing we give the things we do their worth, either mentally or emotionally or whatever. but there are days, man, frequent days where that just doesn't seem like enough. it's a character weakness of mine, but i want the things i do to matter to other people. again, generally; like you said, it depends on the weather.

    but i think you make a valid point about people who don't get "our" (using the term loosely) art. they don't have to. our art can be for them but it can also be for us, or others who understand what we're saying and doing.

    it's a complex issue, i guess is what i'm getting at. high five.

  2. I hear you there. I think the thing I've had to tackle the hardest in the last couple months has been getting over the feeling that nobody cares what I do, now that I don't get constant feedback. It's a rough battle, and one I'm not sure I will ever necessarily conquer. Low five.

  3. without someone watching the tree, i would think that the tree would want to try harder, for it's life/mental sanity is resting upon it.