Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Premier, aka, Cave-In

Okay, I used to wonder how anyone had the time to blog. But now that I've been reborn into the real world after years in school, I'm beginning to understand a few things.

The first thing I've come to understand is that academia and reality have very few things in common. Even the smallest things have drastically different meanings in everyday life. Take coffee, for example. I used to drink it because I needed to pull 20-hour shifts of quick thinking and cunning moves to get through the day. Now I drink it for one of two reasons: 1) I like it, and 2) I have nothing better to do than brew a pot of coffee and ponder life over its luscious aroma. I know what you're thinking: poor girl, what a life? Time to drink coffee? Quit bitching! And yes, I hear you there. But these last few months have been spent finally coming to this frame of mind after years of the possibly warped but nonetheless hard-to-break habits of thinking that any time spent not stressed and tweaking out over finishing a project and making chartable progress in "life" (what does that mean?) was time indeed wasted.

Long story short, I'm learning to ponder, and enjoy pondering, without that guilt that I should be "doing something". Hopefully, I can share some of the things about which I ponder.


  1. Now we can blog together. Hmm...sounds dirtier when I say it out loud.

  2. i feel bad when i procrastinate my pondering.